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What is Loop's Magic? 


The straight-forward definition of Loop is a Hi-Tech academy. Its purpose is to expose the next generations (called Loopers) to the world of computer science and technology and offer them a personalized fun-based educational method according to each student's preferences and ambitions in a well-structured and modular customized approach. Also, since it is a long-term program, Loop is built to guide the Loopers through the years. The mentorship aspect of it promotes the idea of a lifelong and ongoing system in which participants later may become mentors and contribute to the community and even become Loop partners, thereby completing the loop of knowledge.

However, what makes Loop so remarkable is something that goes beyond codes and programming languages. It is Loop's Magic. Deciphering it means understanding what Loop means to Loopers and the mentors, something that transcends its initial aspirations. On an individual level, Loop — with its personalized methods — is continuously encouraging creativity and engaging participants to define their sense of self in their formative years. They feel seen, heard, and relevant, and that generates both an emotional and intellectual response that helps shape them as human beings. 

Not only that, but Loop also acts as a youth tech movement that encourages children to forge friendships with people their age and shared interests in this community. That feeling of belonging is vital for individuals going through a sensitive and eventful part of their lives. Learning about teamwork is a great asset to them, personally and, in the future, professionally.

The mentors display an active role that is not restricted to the classrooms. They are considered role models (that is one of the reasons Loop has strict rules of conduct, such as no cursing, no discussing religion, politics, amongst others), but, more than that, they can become a representation of the future of the Loop. As mentors, partners, or even future investors. Mentors are an instrumental part of Loop, and the idea of becoming a mentor in the future may be very inspiring for some younger Loopers. When you are part of a growing, healthy community, you want to grow with it. Becoming a mentor can seem like a rite of passage, as well as a contributing part of Loop's system, which has already given you so much. The possibility of influencing others positively is exciting and uplifting.

In other words, Loop's Magic is the part that is displayed in all the everyday interactions between Loopers and between them and the mentors. It is not taught; it is experienced. It is felt. It is seen as a natural part of being a Looper. It is felt.

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