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Join the Loop family

We’re hiring passionate and talented people in a variety of technical and non-technical roles to join our team, Impact-driven applicants only.

Who we look for

We are continuously looking to hire exceptional change-makers to join our social impact movement; the believers, the leaders, the ones who don't accept the status quo, and are excited about building a better future for the next generations of entrepreneurs, creators, and makers.

Before considering sending us an application, please make sure to read the full article about the 'Loop Magic'.

Core values

  • Honesty and Integrity. So we can strengthen our Loop community.

  • Challenge-Driven Leadership. We embrace the leader within each one of us and work hard to unleash the hidden potential within.

  • Feedback-driven. We love receiving and giving effective feedback.

  • Unpretentious. We’re undeterred by the “boring work“ and not motivated to prove we have the best ideas.

  • Customer obsession. Loopers first, period.

  • Impact-driven. We make things done and let success make the noise rather than PR.

  • Pragmatic. We’re a company of change-makers who care deeply about real-world implications and applications.

  • Tech-savvy and education enthusiastic. We make sure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to technologies and educational aspects.

  • Collaborative. Many of our biggest advances grow out of work done across multiple teams.

  • Thoughtful. We thoroughly consider the consequences of our work and welcome heterogeneity of thought.

  • Growth-mindset. We encourage a mindset of continuous learning and growth.

Open positions 

Mentors and tutors​ (Full/Part-time)

  • Responsibilities

    • Mentoring children ages 7-18 and help them learn to code.

    • Presenting and speaking in front of groups of students.

    • Inspiring youth, encourage, and empower them to grow.

    • Clearly explain and simplify complex concepts to students.

    • Establish relationships and work on a one to one and small group basis.

    • Mentoring and assisting individuals to remove personal barriers, help them to grow in confidence, and gain new skills through a range of support/mentoring.

    • Plan and facilitate tutoring sessions in a range of subjects, using collaborative, personalized, and modern learning methods.

Marketing and Sales Coordinators​ (Full/Part-time)

  • Responsibilities

    • Provide excellent customer service to Loopers and parents.

    • Generating leads, meeting, or exceeding sales goals.

    • Negotiating all contracts with prospective clients.

    • Preparing weekly and monthly reports.

    • Conducting sales calls to a range of prospective clients.

    • Coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs.

    • Understanding and promoting company programs.

    • Obtaining deposits and balance of payment from clients.

    • Preparing and submitting sales contracts for orders.

    • Meeting clients and potential clients to evaluate needs or promote products and services.

    • Answering client questions about company programs.

    • Handling administrative duties, including scheduling client conferences and meetings

    • Providing assistance to management team members and executives as needed

    • Performing data entry duties in regards to metrics, sales figures, and other key data

 Junior/Senior Full Stack Developers (Full/Part-time)

  • Responsibilities

    • Working remotely/on-site with our developers on various projects

    • Developing front end website architecture.

    • Designing user interactions on web pages.

    • Developing back end website applications.

    • Creating servers and databases for functionality.

    • Ensuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.

    • Ensuring responsiveness of applications.

    • Working alongside graphic designers for web design features.

    • Seeing through a project from conception to finished product.

    • Designing and developing APIs.

    • Meeting both technical and consumer needs.

    • Staying abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Specialist

  • Responsibilities

    • Perform statistical analysis

    • Fine-tuning test results 

    • Train and retrain systems 

    • Work on frameworks

    • Write well commented, robust (memory & processing power), and version-controlled AI-related software code (Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, and Time Series Data).

    • GPT-2 & GPT-3 related various projects.

    • Create internal comprehensive documentation with links to the relevant functions/classes.

    • Collaborate on integrating core AI functions into production-ready software.

    • Interface with various cross-functional teams to align with global specifications.

    • Stay ahead of the technology curve and in tune with competitive products.

    • Documenting and co-authoring internal technical specifications, and patents.

If you have any questions or need any further details for one of the open positions, feel free to reach out to If you are already interested in one of these positions, please send your résumé with the relevant position details.

The recruiting team will review your résumé and will get back to you regarding your application status via email. Due to the high volume of applications, if relevant, our team will contact you for the next steps. Usually, it consists of:

  • Recruiter call

  • Take-home project

  • Online meeting

  • Multiple onsite interviews; usually three meetings.

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