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Back when Loop’s founder (Wasim Abu Salem) was at the age of 13, he really wanted to learn about technology and business. He has dreamt of building his future technological startup aspiring to achieve great success. Wasim did not find the required environment and business support to build his skill set. Therefore, he concluded that he has to create a solution for the next generations that will most likely look for similar support. In his teenage years, he’d always think about providing an alternative school system that is not old-fashioned, but a more modern one. Therefore, with his passion for business, technology, and the understanding of the need for a change to the education system, he began his long process, with design and careful thinking towards his initiative, which eventually became Loop in 2015; an impact-driven technological organization that is built to last (Watch the story behind Loop). 

Our Story

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Our Name & Logo

​The word Loop means repeating the same action multiple times. Since we all mentor our peers, we all learn from each other and we all aim to benefit from this system, the Loop logo gets a strong meaning where we teach, learn, and benefit. The mentorship aspect of Loop promotes the idea of a lifelong journey and an ongoing system in which participants later can become mentors for the following generations, contribute to the community and even become Loop partners, thereby completing the loop of knowledge.

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The Impact

Loop is dedicated to preparing the next generations for the unknown future. By providing entrepreneurhsip opportunities and educational programs focused on technology, computer science, and coding, Loop is helping to shape the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

The impact is visible in the thousands of participants who have benefited and have gone on to achieve great success in their respective fields.


Loop's Three Departments

The Loop Academy

Within the Loop Academy, Loop holds life-long educational programs focused on technology, computer science, and coding, at different levels and ages. As well as a variety of events, such as workshops, seminars, and conferences.


These semester-long courses and multi-year programs provide hard skills and soft skills. They are taught using Loop’s special personalized modern and tech education concepts and methods and are delivered through a mentor-mentee relationship (1:4 ratio), Project-Based-Learning (PBL) and always done through fun-based activities to keep the students engaged and interested in what they do.

Loop Startups

The Loop-Startups department is built on managing and building startups and subsidiaries within Loop. It is mainly based on investing in new and promising ideas that emerge from the pioneers and entrepreneurs of today and the next generations of Loopers (either the staff members and/ or the students).


Startups created in this department are incubated within Loop and are encouraged to be made and even founded by Loop as a business, in partnership with the Loop members whether they are from the staff or are students.


The LoopDev department is primarily a consulting department within Loop that operates in modern and innovative methods. It helps businesses of all industries manage their products and/or services to improve their performance and efficiency and help them achieve their business objectives through utilizing the best technology practices and top business approaches of today.

The Founder

​Wasim Abu Salem is the founder of Loop, he is a serial entrepreneur focused on building long-term mission-driven tech companies. ​ Wasim earned a BSc in Computer Science and an LLB in Law. He is also an OYW ambassador (2016), an AMENDS fellow at Stanford University (2016), a fellow at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (2016 - Silicon Valley, hosted by the White House), an OGS fellow (2018), and a fellow, sponsored by the U.S state Department, at the USA Pavilion @ EXPO 2020 in Dubai. As of 2022, Wasim has been chosen by TheMarker as one of 40 of the most influential entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

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