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Loop: One of the top 100 Social Innovations around the world

Check out the full list:

SE100 Inspiring Social Enablers Programme.

Social Enablers, one of the widely read content platforms on social entrepreneurship and social innovations globally, is all set to handpick SE100 most inspiring Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurs around the world. This is our humble step to celebrate the real social enablers who put effort to bring in social or environmental impact innovatively. Our motto is to recognize and appreciate those people and inspire others to work towards social good.

Starting from the present year, we look forward to selecting 100 Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurs around the world every year in order to appreciate the significant effort they put in to create a better world. TheSE100 Innovations and Social Entrepreneurs will be listed in our website and later published as a book.

About Social Enablers

Social Enablers is an Incubated – Funded New Media platform for the global exchange of ideas and stories of social innovations and entrepreneurship. Our journalists and technologists utilize storytelling skills to promote socially benefiting business models and ideas happening around the world, and thereby motivate people to get inspired by the impact created by those activities. At Social Enablers, we believe in using journalism for the greater good of the society and promote humanity.

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