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Of Holden's nine films, Omen II is the least known and the one with the least exposure in the US, though it received a limited theatrical release in the UK. According to William Holden, "Omen II was not a big hit, at least in the States. It flopped. We made the film for under $1 million. I believe the final budget was about $400,000, which was a lot of money in those days." Plot The Omen II is a 1970s American B-movie thriller film, a loose adaptation of the 1977 novel of the same name by Ira Levin, telling the story of a series of murders that occur as a result of the birth of a son to an American family. It was released in October 1978 and received negative reviews. In the story, the Omen II (played by William Holden) is the only child of wealthy upper class American parents, Peter and Susan Taylor. His birth signals the start of a series of murders in the family, which include murders of his parents, a child psychiatrist, a lawyer, a clergyman, a former football coach and a school principal. The Omen II is not actually born until page 6 of the 1977 book. It is revealed that both Peter and Susan are afraid of an "evil child" that will harm them and their only child, so they arrange a legal abortion. But, during the procedure, they are murdered by a young hooded figure. The child survives and is delivered by the attending doctor, who delivers him into the care of Julia Jordan, who is also the family lawyer. The Omen II is then taken to see Jane Rogers, a child psychologist who, on being told by the Omen II that his parents are dead, asks for his identity card. When he refuses to give it to her, she insists that he is lying and that he has murdered his parents and the two other children in the family. The Omen II responds by murdering Jane Rogers. He is then taken by police officer Horatio Green to the house of Peter and Susan Taylor. There he meets the rest of the family, who assure him that his parents are well. After some discussion with Julia Jordan, the Omen II is led to believe that his parents are being held captive by the local priest. He decides that the only way to free them is to kill the priest. The Omen II goes to the church and kills him, but it is discovered that the church is empty, except




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The Omen 2 Full Movie Free Download chadiar
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